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A man wearing mens sweat vest for weightloss innerwear

Power Up: Slimming Sweat Vest for Mens Weight-Loss | Tummy Tucker

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Get ready to sweat your way to a fitter and healthier body!


Introducing our high-performance sauna sweat vests designed specifically for men's belly fat reduction and body shaping.


Experience the incredible benefits of mens sweat sauna vest, specially engineered to accelerate weight loss and maximize waist training, by increasing sweat and boosting calorie burn during your workouts or any type of physical activity like walking, jogging, yoga or gym workouts.


The Complete Upper Body sweat-vest helps target your:


  • Entire Mid-Section
  • Lower-Belly
  • Full-back & Shoulders



➣ Helps sweating, made from heat-trapping polymer fabric with anti slip waistband.


➣ Because it is lightweight and stretchable, the sweat vest body shaper for men won't restrict your body's range of motion during workouts.


➣ Your natural body temperature rises, giving you a sauna-like sensation that and encourage perspiration.


➣ Advanced Gym Wear for men that doubles perspiration.




★ How long should I wear a sweat vest?

20 to 120 Minutes (Maximum Time)
- Note: Wearing a sauna suit exceed 120 minutes for a single session is not recommended.

- The Time should be increased gradually each day, till you reach 120 minutes 


★ How often should you wear a sauna shaper vest?

If you're just starting out or are new to training with a sauna vest, we recommend 20-30 minutes at a time, seeing how your body responds. If you're able to handle it, consider upping the time and frequency to wherever you feel comfortable.

★ What are the benefits of a mens sweat vest tummy tucker?

  • Accelerated Weight Loss. A sauna suit traps body heat, thereby increasing perspiration.
  • Enhanced Cardio And Oxygen Uptake.
  • Heat Retention In Cold Weather.



Material : High Quality Neoprene

Net Quantity (N) : 1

Weight: 0.66 kgs


Get help in choosing the right size for you / 📞 9108857655

Sizes (same as normal baniyan sizes) : 

- S (Bust Size : 32 in)

- M (Bust Size : 36 in)

- L (Bust Size : 38 in)

- XL (Bust Size : 42 in)

- XXL (Bust Size : 46 in)

- XXXL (Bust Size : 50 in)


👍We provide 100% Refund If You Don't Like Our Product - Yes 100%


Support: ✆ 9108857655


Join the countless gym fitness freaks who have experienced the effectiveness of our lightweightsweat shaper vests or weight loss baniyan for men and enjoy the positive reviews from our satisfied customers.


Buy now at the Best Price in India with Free Delivery to Your Door.

  • Exchange /Returns Policy:

    Easy exchange/return - reach ✆ 9108857655 within 2 days of delivery, with personalized assistance.

    Our return policy guarantees an impressive 100% refund. Enjoy worry-free shopping now!

  • Shipping Information:

    Free Delivery within 4 - 5 days across India.

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