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  • ❔ Can I place an order from outside India?
    We accept international orders (from outside India) for deliveries only within India. Majority of our Intl. customers are from USA, UK & UAE.
  • ❔ How long does it take for my Order to Ship
    It takes 1-2 business days of processing time for your order to ship out.
  • ❔ How long does it take to receive my tracking number
    The Tracking Details shall be mailed to you on the same day of Order Placement. Please contact us if you don't receive the Tracking Details within the specified time.
  • ❔ Are there any extra costs for international orders?
    International orders get the same advantage as placing a local order from within India at no extra cost & can avail the benefit of free shipping as well.
  • ❔ How long is the shipping time
    Average transit time across India takes 4-6 business days (variations may occur in this pandemic, Please Refer Product Description).
  • ❔ Can I cancel my Order
    Yes, You will be able to cancel your order with no penalty!
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